It all begins with the hair! Ok, that may be a bit biased considering this is being written by the wife of a salon owner. My mother did always tell me that a woman is only as beautiful as her hair and then look who I married. But seriously, one of the biggest things to remember when it comes to holiday style is to not take yourself too seriously. This is a festive season of love, joy and hope and your holiday style should reflect that.

That being said let’s still begin with holiday hair! The consensus among the style-set elite is a trend toward less extensions, more natural hair. Whether is an edgy pixie, sassy bob or beautiful flowing waves, nothing too overdone when it comes to styling. Color contrarily is all over the board. Everything from pastels, greys, dark roots, sombre and tortoiseshell to uber natural baliage with a super shine, hair color is where we are finding our clients really expressing themselves and taking more risk regardless of age. During the dry winter months it is imperative that you really treat your hair well. A hydrating conditioner and protein treatment need to be part of your winter beauty routine to make the most of your holiday hair color (treated or natural) and style.

Nails are following a similar trend as hair with beige, greige and brown being the biggest trends in lacquer and of course classic red. Paraffin treatments on your hands and feet are always a luxurious extra any time of the year, but most definitely a necessity during the holiday season. We LOVE Eyelash Extensions here at Lather Salon Aspen! Brows are big and dark and our lips are matte.

Whew! What else oh yes, clothes and who else to ask but Aspen’s fashion guru for over 30 years Mary Moyer, owner of Nuages. I caught up with Mary at Lather while she was being coiffed by Christina. “Holiday Style deserves Stepping it up a notch,” according to Mary, If you are heading to a friend’s home for cocktails or dinner a Roland Mouret black jumpsuit is the perfect easy yet elegant outfit for such an occasion. When it comes to color I will quote Mary, “Black, black and more black.” However, holiday street style is where you can have a little more fun with your fashion. The Mr. & Mrs. Italy coats with their signature fur accents are chic and just awesome! Owning a couple of “Go-to” pieces is mandatory for a complete wardrobe mixed with jeans or sleek leather pants. Speaking of pants, this season you are seeing everything from cropped and wide to skinny and high-waisted. Lastly, Mary agrees with Coco Chanel who said, “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”

I’ll conclude with probably the most important piece of holiday style, you, the real you, your spirit, your sanity, your peace. I didn’t feel comfortable writing about this without some sound advice. So I called my favorite therapist, Annie Denver. I just love talking with her! Instead of just, “Surviving the holidays” Annie said that it was very important to pause and set your intention for this beautiful season. When things get hectic please remember your priorities and as easy as it is to say, “Yes” it is even more important to say, “No.” Also as this is a season filled with happiness for most it can be a time of sadness for many. Reaching out will bless you as much as it helps the person whose heart that you touch. She concluded by saying to be mindful and kindhearted which reminded me of what Audrey Hepburn said,” I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.”


Wishing you Love and Joy!